Basic ENT Surgery Set

Otorhinolaryngology is the medical specialty that deals with conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT). Surtex Instruments manufacture the diverse instruments of the basic ENT surgery set to provide the best tools for the commonest diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in otolaryngology.

The set includes three figures of Mod. Vienna Nasal Speculum with different blade lengths to offer convenience and accommodate different patient sizes. This speculum is used to view the nasal cavity for nasal examinations and procedures, like foreign body removal and nasal packing. It has two dexterous flat handles that are used to change the distance between the two coned blades, and therefore, dilate the nasal opening.

The Allis Intestinal and Tissue grasping forceps are useful tools for manipulating gauze materials in nasal packing and surgical procedures of the ear.

Baron-Schuknecht Suction Tubes can be used to extract and remove thick and copious fluids from the nasal or aural cavities, such as the thick fluid of the middle ear cavity in cases of otitis media.

The set also includes Billeau Ear Loops, which are used to remove cerumen and foreign bodies from the external auditory meatus. This facilitates better examinations of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane, and can be used to treat cases of impacted wax. The loop has a straight cylindrical handle with an outer corrugated surface to improve the operator’s grip. The wire-like oval-shaped blade is available in three sizes to suit different therapeutic requirements.

Buck Ear Curettes are used to debride and excise tissues as part of a biopsies or cleaning procedures in ear pathologies. The long hexagonal handle and shaft end with a resilient ring-shaped blade. Three figures of blunt curettes and three figures of sharp curettes are available in this set. The overall length of each curette is 17 cm. The shorter 15 cm Shapleigh Ear Curettes are also provided with two figures for more compact handling.

Two figures of Day ear hooks are also available in this set. They are angled surgical instruments used in ear surgeries to extract foreign bodies and manipulate delicate structures like tympanic grafts. Each hook consists of a cylindrical handle, a tapering shaft and a right-angled neck that ends with a button-like projection. Each hook has an overall length of 17 cm. One of the hooks features a short neck while the other features a long neck to meet different anatomical requirements.

We also include Hartmann Alligator Forceps with standard and cup-shaped blades, which are used in a wide range of otology procedures, from myringotomy and aural packing to the mobilization of grommet tubes. Alligator forceps feature a right angle between the handles and the shaft, and this allows the operator to have an unobstructed view of the blades. The standard blades have long jaws with horizontal serrations to guarantee firm grips on different surfaces. The forceps with cup-shaped blades can offer convenient grips in punching biopsies. The set includes forceps that are 14 cm long and shorter 8.5 cm forceps for tighter anatomical sites.

Iris Scissors are small and precise devices that deliver optimal results in cutting and trimming fine tissues, especially that they were primarily designed for delicate ophthalmic surgeries. A straight and a curved scissor are both available in this set for gentle cutting in ENT surgeries. Each scissor has an overall length of 11.5 cm. Straight and curved Strabismus scissors are also included to offer a greater variety of finely cutting tools in the operator’s armamentarium.

The serrated McGee and mini-McGee Micro Alligator Forceps are used for defined and elaborate calculated manipulations in ear surgeries, like manipulating small materials and excising delicate tissues from narrow spaces in the middle ear cavity. The forceps are 8 cm long and the blades are 4.0 x 0.8 mm for the McGee forceps and 3.5 x 0.6 mm for the mini-McGee forceps. The set also includes Micro Alligator Forceps with 4 mm blades that end in cup shaped jaws to provide more capacious punches than the straight blades.

We added the Troeltsch (Wilde) Ear Forceps which are handy tools that are optimal for packing layers of aural gauze and delivering medications into the ear.  Gruenwald (Lucae) Ear Forceps are bayonet-shaped instruments that enable maximal view of the working tips in aural packing procedures. Both forceps have ridged handles that offer added dexterity.