Surgical Curettes

Comprehensive Guide to Surgical Curettes: Types, Benefits, and Specialties

In the realm of surgical instruments, curettes play a pivotal role in various medical specialities. These precision tools, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans at Surtex Instruments®, are designed to provide an atraumatic way to scrape tissues and bones, facilitating optimal surgical outcomes. In this guide, we delve into the world of surgical curettes, exploring their types, benefits, and applications in different medical fields.

An Overview of Surgical Curettes

Curettes are surgical instruments with a scoop-shaped or spoon-shaped working end. They are commonly used for scraping, cleaning, or removing tissues, debris, or foreign substances from body cavities, bones, or other surfaces. The delicate craftsmanship and attention to detail by Surtex’s skilled artisans ensure that each curette meets the highest standards set out in CE, FDA, and ISO 13485 requirements.

Types of Curettes

Surtex Instruments offers a wide array of surgical curettes designed to meet the specific needs of various medical specialties. Here are some notable types:

  1. Volkmann Bone Curette: This versatile instrument finds its principal use in orthopaedic, ENT, General Surgery, and gynecology specialties. Its hollow stainless steel handle and precise design enable atraumatic bone scraping.
  2. Schede Bone Curette: Widely employed in ENT, general surgery, and neurosurgery, this instrument excels in scraping hard tissues from bones to expose surgical fields.
  3. Antrum Curette: Ideal for nasal sinus procedures, these curettes aid doctors in treating diseases within the nasal sinuses, including biopsies from tumors.
  4. Williger Bone Curette: Beneficial for orthopedic surgeons, this instrument efficiently addresses procedures involving debris and diseased bone areas.
  5. Caspar Bone Curette: Used in orthopaedic specialties, this instrument offers an atraumatic method to scrape bone surfaces.
  6. Daubenspeck Bone Curette: With a focus on atraumatic bone surface scraping and repair, this instrument aids in procedures involving bone growths.

Specialized Curettes for Gynecology and Obstetrics

Surtex Instruments caters to the unique needs of gynecology and obstetrics specialties with a range of precision-crafted curettes:

  • Simon Uterine Curette: This hollow-handled instrument is sterilizable and reusable, making it an essential tool for gynecological procedures.
  • Novak Suction Curette: Designed for uterine procedures, these curettes offer slender shafts to access deep nasal spaces.
  • Dental and Periodontal Curettes

    For dental and periodontal applications, Surtex Instruments presents a range of precision tools:

    Adenoid and Ear Curettes

    Surtex Instruments offers specialized curettes for ear and adenoid procedures:

    • Shapleigh Ear Curette: Engineered for deep and difficult spaces, these curettes aid in ear-related procedures.
    • Beckmann Adenoid Curette: Designed to remove adenoid tissues from the throat, these curettes are available in various profile sizes.

    Dermatological and Rectal Curettes

    In dermatology and rectal procedures, specific curettes ensure optimal outcomes:

    • Wolff Lupus Curette: These curettes are designed for removing masses and debridement tissues in dermatological procedures.
    • Blue Rectal Aspiration Curette: Used for accessing the anal and rectal regions, these curettes provide an atraumatic approach.


    Surtex Instruments’ commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in its meticulously handcrafted surgical curettes. With a diverse range of specialized curettes catering to various medical specialties, Surtex ensures that medical professionals can rely on precision tools that meet the highest industry standards. Whether in orthopaedics, gynecology, dentistry, or other fields, these curettes play an essential role in ensuring successful surgical outcomes.